Motion Sensor Wall Switch for Closet

Bought these motion sensor from Home Depot about a year ago... finally installed it in Winnie`s closet. It works great! It`ll save us a buck or two when we forget to turn off the lights :)

Broil-Mate BBQ QCC1 safety

Ever wonder what QCC1 means?

Well... it's got to do with your BBQ!

We've had our new broil-mate bbq for the whole summer now... every time we light it up... the temperature never goes over 200 degrees f.

I recall that the very first time we used it was the best ever! somehow after the first use... the spark never was there anymore? Well... turns out... after the summer is almost over I decided to do some search online... guess what... there's this new QCC1 thing on BBQs that stops the flow of gas when it detects leaks... (it's a really cool feature... safety first! i guess that's one reason probably why our one tank of gas lasted for over 7 uses and above)

Turns out I was igniting the sucker improperly! I turn on the bbq valve first, then go turn up the gas valve and ignite... (the QCC1 thought thinks there's a gas leak... so it limits gas through)!!

I have yet to try this out.... but we'll find out the next time I light this sucker up!

someone posted the proper way to fix the problem :)

When this bbq is running properly, it gets very hot, very quickly. If you're having trouble getting it hot enough, you're most likely tripping your QCC1 safety, which is part of the hose assembly. QCC1 is a flow limiting device, that will trip if it detects too much gas flow. this happens if you open the bbq valves before you open the tank. if the bbq valves are open, and you then open the tank, the fuel will rush through, the QCC1 will trip and you won't get more than about 250 degrees of heat. here's how to fix it:
1. turn off the bbq
2. make sure the valves on the tank and the bbq are closed
3. disconnect the tank from the bbq.
4. open the valves on the front of your bbq and open the lid. let it sit for around 5 minutes. this will clear any residual gas from the lines
5. close the valves on the bbq.
6. reconnect the tank
7. making sure the bbq valves are still off, open the valve on the tank very slowly for the first full turn, then open it all the way.
8. turn on one burner valve, and ignite. once you've achieved ignition, feel free to turn on the other valves one at a time.

Town of Markham - Parking Infraction Notice

Having told by a fellow neighbor that if you park your car overnight at the home builder's property that the Town of Markham does not have the right to give you a ticket....

Long behold... my buddy who's visiting us from HK parks is rental car near our house not on the town of markham property... and guess what... he gets a ticket a few days later!

The ticket states that "Officer No X Believe from my personal knowledge in and certify that on the date and time shown below. The owner (or operator) of the vehicle upon which was displayed the number plat described below did commit the parking infraction as stated. Contrary to the town of markham by-law. By-law and section noted below. "

Clearly - the area where we parked is the builders property! and yet they give us the ticket and with a deadline of 15 days to respond... with the office hour open between 12:00pm to 4:15pm Monday to Friday!!!!

Our tax dollars have gone to hire sneaky enforcement officers who do not follow the by-laws. They knew we will have difficulty going to fight the ticket...

We ended up paying the bill because we cannot make it there during the hour of operation! (We have a job too you know!)

On top of that they charge a nominal fee! when you paid the bill!

Over all not satisfied with the Town of Markham parking enforcement offer number X!

interlock patio

so I promised someone that I will update my blog with my story on our interlock. =P

Brian and I talked about getting interlock done at our backyard for a longtime, we have many discussion on how big of a space we should interlock, whether we should do it ourselves or hire someone to do it. At first Brian wanted to pave the entire backyard (so he doesn't have to cut grass) but I thought that was just way to much since our backyard is not really tiny and it would just took ridiculous if we paved it all, so I started drawing different designs on how I wanted the backyard to look, we landed on a designed that we both liked. So the search of a good contractor began. We called Brad who did my parent's place and a few others and we ended up choosing Brad because he gave the most competitive price and also because we had dealt with him before and know that their work is pretty good.

It turns out that it wasn't as great of an experience as we expect since our date got pushed several times and our plan had to be renogotiated because he couldn't do our backyard at the price he quoted in the contract AND he had to subcontract our job out to his friend's company because he doesnt have the manpower to work on our job.

This was my plan

Before (35 ft by 28ft)

laid the gravels (you can see how the design looks from here)

Started placing interlocking stone

Pattern of our interlock (Atlas europa pavers)

G20 Summit

I just realize how much T.O. had spent on security for G20 Summit. OMG... Thats money we paid in taxes argh!!! Why can't they have Tele-presence Summit, Seriously!! Saves taxpayers money and reduce risk of their own security. I heard Obama will be bringing 1000 people to T.O.



Had a somewhat heated debate with a guy friend the other night around Mistress. So the story started off with "How would you react if you found out Brian has a mistress?" my response "Same feeling if your (soon-to-be) wife cheated on you with another man".

So he goes on to explain why he asked because he found out that his cousin in HK has a mistress in China and they had a daughter together. I felt bad for the wife but he said the wife is "OKAY" with it. I was shock because I don't believe any wife would accept a Mistress but apparently she did. I highly doubt she willingly accepted, so I asked if the wife works? Answer was No. So I told my friend, she didn't blow up and got a divorce because she had lost her ability to take care of herself financially so she was afraid to leave. My friends thoughts on this was because women are soft and would always give the husband a second chance and because a lot of men does it in the olden days. So I questioned him why would the emotion be any different from men vs. women because he clearly said its NOT acceptable if a wife cheated on her husband but because traditionally men had always have multiple wifes, it makes it more acceptable.

I nearly flipped out on him LOL... I had a thought after this conversation around the risk of becoming a stay at home wife. Will you loose touch with society and loose your ability to take care of yourself financially leaving you more vulnerable?

New Patio Set

so I saw this deal on red flag that the Key Biscayne 8 pcs Patio set was on sale for $99.99 at Home Depot yesterday. It was suppose to be 199 but for some reason it rang up to be $99 dollars. So I called a few store during lunch to check and see if they have stock and all of them said no. =( After work, I decided to go check out the home depot near our house and see and I found TWO!!! Apparently they were selling really fast and the store manager stop allowing people to reserve over the phone. Good thing I sent to check!! Here it is. I thought $99 was a wicked price, can't wait to put it together next week the it stops raining =)